Introduction and Overview

Sobek is a world boss located at coordinate 371.8, 549.8 being a cyber beast of sorts. The boss itself is one of the most common ones you'll see people requesting to do in world chat. This boss also happens to be one of the more horrible feeling bosses to fight properly as he has a lot of moves that can kill you easily. In this guide, we'll overview general practices as well as tips to be able to fight the boss correctly.

Bosses in tower of fantasy are pretty straightforward and forgiving. Even if you die, you can still fight it if your teammates do not die.

You can still gain the reward even if you die to the boss, so do not worry.

Rewards Analysis

If you use a gold ticket, you are granted various rewards. Always use your gold ticket when acquiring else; you don't get the full extent of the rewards.


You can gain any random SSR stated within the pool.

Random R Matrix Piece

Fanatical PursuitFanatical Pursuit Cybernetic ArmCybernetic Arm Swamp ShadowSwamp Shadow

And some weapon and matrix exp packs to go along with it.

The rewards are the best that you can aim to do currently; in my opinion, in terms of world bosses, Crow's Matrix piece is one of the best in the game for Main DPS roles Cybernetic Arm is the grapple hook that dramatically increases your nobility along the map Swamp Shadow (Sobek's Matrix) is one of the few SR pieces that's pretty universal for most characters and among the few good SR Matrices to raise.

The rewards are the best that you can aim to do currently, in my opinion, in terms of world bosses.

General Tips

Always play with more people

The boss itself does not scale with the number of people fighting, so it's best to add as many people as possible before fighting the boss.

If you're not familiar with how to, then ask in world chat to request people to come into your world so that you can fight Sobek together. Alternatively, if you have a lot of people in your Crew, you are also free to ask your Crew if they would like to.

Be a part of a team so you can teleport

If you're part of a team, you can teleport to your teammate if they're alive near the boss, so you don't have to drive back to Sobek.

If you'd like, you can also transfer the leadership position to your highest level and one who mostly will be healing as they're more than likely to be alive the whole way through the boss.

Remember there are food buffs

While not many players utilize them, you can use food buffs for the boss if you are not confident enough.

Team building

The boss itself is weak to volt but has the resistance of ice, as indicated in the screenshot above. He'll be featuring a total of 6 health bars, including his shield bar, which occasionally will be deployed.

NemesisNemesis SamirSamir CrowCrow

As Sobek takes extra damage from volt characters, the following will be nice weapons to use damage wise.

NemesisNemesis CocoritterCocoritter ZeroZero PepperPepper

The utility of healing for the rest of your party and yourself is never stated enough, so make sure to bring a healer or any characters built to sustain The following characters are also advisable to bring if you're aiming to sustain.


Shield breaking wise, you can forgo if you're trying your best to sustain survivability, but as someone needs to break shields, general shield breakers are best for Sobek.

Example Teams

Boss phases and Mechanics

Dash Away

Occasionally Sobek will dash away from the fight dealing a small degree of damage when you are hit. This is relatively inconsequential however so don't worry about the damage here

Puddle Move

In this move, the boss will disappear into the swamp and then essentially create puddles that will damage the target if they are hit by it. How to escape said move generally is to run away from it. Make sure you're not crossing the same path as your raid mates, or else you'll grief them.

You can also jetpack above him, and you won't take any damage this way.

Body Slam

Sobek will body slam the ground and stun those hit with the slam itself, dealing a significant amount of damage.

You can eat food while you're stunned if you need the extra healing.

Shield Phase

Break the shield, which is the same as every other boss, and nothing is different here.


The tailspin move is nothing to worry about, just some knockback but not a significant amount of damage overall.

One shot

Occasionally Sobek will use the same animation as the one where he makes the puddle move and instead digs up very quickly. If you're lower level, this move will generally one-shot you. If you fear dying, my only suggestion is to quickly jetpack up if you see this move or move away from a large group of people to lighten the blow.

If you fear dying, my only suggestion is to quickly jetpack up if you see this move or move away from a large group of people to lighten the blow.