This straightforward guide showcases where you can acquire all 6 chests within A-03. The only requirement is to use this specific relic that this ruin introduced to you previously.

Omnium Handcannon

Omnium Handcannon

Omnium Handcannon
Terrain Change
Misc. Type
Misc. Type
The compressed cold jet is able to freeze the air.


Chest 1

Use the hand cannon on the ground to acquire the first chest.

Chest 2

You can quickly jump off the first pillar you created, initiate a double jump, and then dash 2 to 3 times.

Chest 3

Once you defeat the enemies within this area, you can see the chest on the side.

Chest 4

it is an easy to miss chest, but you can look towards these sides of the walls within the same areas, and you will find it. Make sure to boost over with your pillar.

Chest 5

In this one, you can see that lasers block it off. Aim at the top of the doorway or below.

Chest 6

Directly in front of the switch and also next to the water.