Nemesis Introduction

NemesisNemesis is the first featured limited banner SSR character added to Tower Of Fantasy. For those who have played through the game enough, you'll understand her relevance to her banner release as being the first in the game.

This guide will be a spec overview and a general overall analysis of her within the confines of GLOBAL and her relevance to GLOBAL. Use this guide as a general basic introduction to her character as by all means there will be a lot more that you can do with her than what this guide can cover.

Make sure to check the last date of the update to see its relevance to you.

Role (Support)



It's designer is unknown. The special hovering EM Blaster's prototype's blueprint has been lost. It contains a unique electrical savings process in its interior. It's extremely troublesome to repair when it gets worn out, but Cobalt-B of Banges Tech seems to be able to do it.
EM Blasters
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As a weapon, Venus (Nemesis) is a support unit that primarily is a mix of offsite damage and healing. She's the first character to have an elemental resonance which benefits from having multiple of the same element.





Her normal attack is a standard normal attack that most characters have with the same basic scaling. Her scaling is the same as Samir's Dual EM Stars meaning that it's relatively unimpressive all things considered. Her normal attack string while airborne is also very sub-part and doesn't contribute to much damage at all.

Her special portion of her normal attacks is her forward pursuit skill which shoots a guided missile if you hold down the normal attack after the second attack in your normal attack string. The damage overall isn't a lot all things considered but is there for those who want an interesting interaction.

Dual focus refers to her hold attack which is similar to bow users where they can aim down. It has no real relevance in terms of actual combat but can be nice for the overworld.


Dodge: Your basic dodge that was given to all characters.

Twin Spinning Focus: Tap your normal attack after initiating a dodge to generate this attack. It's mostly a debuff and healing as the primary function of it. The damage there is ok but as the healing stacks increase with each instance of dodging if you're primarily going to be healing whether it's for a raid or you want to just heal your team then be sure to dodge and then N1 spam.

Dual Focus: : Normal attack hold is something similar to a charge shot from a bow where you can aim. It has no real relevance in actual combat so you can forgo ever using this.


Pulse Lock: fires a missile that comes into contact with the enemy and does an okay amount of damage. The skill is otherwise very uneventful when you don't have any advancements as it really does not do much for nemesis other than building some charge for other characters.

It's main interaction though is with the acquisition of A1 (Advancement 1) where using pulse lock creates an electrode that creates both a healing turret and a damaging turret.

A3 is a decent boon for this skill as it creates an annoying AOE ring of lightning that can possibly stutter some enemies.

A5 Basic damage increase which further emphasizes her playstyle of being more of a quick swap healer.

A6 More turrets mean doing ult -> skill is worthwhile.


Particle Beam Burst: Clears any debuffs that are given to you and further debuffs your enemies with a reduction in movement speed. You do also spawn an electrode as well similar to her skill pulse lock.

A1 A3 A6 benefits the discharge the most of course with A1 having the best benefit to her playstyle that should be played which we will outline later.

It would be best to use this only in the instance where you want to deploy another turret or clear any debuffs.


Her traits however are not that much to write home about. It is a healing increase and damage increase to herself but there are a lot of other traits that are more beneficial in terms of DPS. If you have other traits that you have raised the affection of then I would use those instead as I find this one to be a bit underwhelming support-wise as well as damage-wise.



Recollection Rewards

Avatar: Nemesis
Log: Rebirth and Coexistence
After summoning an Electrode, deal volt damage equal to 60% of ATK to all enemies within 30 meters of the Electrode and heal all allies (including the user) within its range by 120% of ATK.
Log: Experimental Operations
Log: In Front of the Bionic Eye
After summoning an Electrode, deal volt damage equal to 100% of ATK to all enemies within 30 meters of the Electrode and heal all allies (including the user) within its range by 200% of ATK.





After using Pulse Lock or Particle Beam Burst, creates 1 Electrode that immediately grants the user 5 stacks of healing chain enhance. In addition, unleash a healing chain that heals nearby allies by 135% of the Wanderer's ATK.
Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.
Every 6 seconds, the Electrode will unleash Ring Lightning, which deals damage equal to a maximum of 205% of ATK in a target area.
Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.
After using Pulse Lock, increase the Wanderer's ATK by (5 + (Number of Electrodes ร—5))% for 25 seconds.
Up to 2 Electrodes can be active at the same time. Summoning more Electrodes will replace the ones furthest from the user.

A1 is the best advancement that you can go for as it brings the best utility that you can get in the form of healing stacks immediately and is able to create the turret without the need of your discharge.

A2 Simple damage increase which isn't that good relative to how much you pay.

A3 Has some usage against mobs which can be stuttered and does contribute a bit to off field damage, not bad damage increase overall and overall helpful.

A4: Another damage increase.

A5: Damage increase which as outlined previously does play to her playstyle overall.

A6: Double turrets mean more healing and more damage overall. It also does mean that discharging is much more worth it to do if your rotation is odd.

A1 is her best increase that ties to her playstyle the most. A6 does a great deal though of course it also costs a great deal to go with it.

Elemental Resonance

You gain extra volt damage and resistance when having more than two volt weapons. You should always try to have a double volt weapon set when applicable especially if you're using a volt main DPS if you want to fully utilize her utility.


PvE (Raids, 4 player combat): Quickswap

The most relevant playstyle you would utilize for her is the quick swap style, especially at A1 where you deploy your turret in the instance where you want to deploy her turret. If you don't have A1 then you will have to dodge N1 spam and then swap back to your main DPS or shield breaker. Act as if it's a multi-use turret that can heal and do some off-field damage for your team. She'll contribute to your team's damage overall but won't be as strong for damage increasing as a dedicated character who does directly buff damage.

Quickswap is how you want to play, swap to her create a turret, use your discharge to dispel debuffs primarily, or deploy a second turret if you have A6.

PVP: Quickswap, Turret abuse

Same as above but as you directly gain A6 from PVP it would be best to abuse the fact that you can have two turrets which means discharging with nemesis gains you a lot more than previously. Remember that as well when the weapon is fully charged the next attack with paralyze so you can stutter your opponent hardcore.


Dual EM StarsDual EM Stars VenusVenus

These two together will be the primary team. Samir is the main DPS that you will use and Nemesis is your support and general utility. Your third character can be any flexible shield breaker. The primary reason for this is double volt being a great damage increase due to Samir being volt so you've already fulfilled the resonance requirement. Currently global at the time of writing will be one of the higher damaging teams.

Below will be any flexible shield character that you can slot in.

Scythe of the CrowScythe of the Crow Rosy EdgeRosy Edge Molten Shield V2Molten Shield V2

Alternatively you can slot instead instead Crow for your main DPS slot instead of Samir if you do not have her.



Life BridgingLife Bridging Proof of TrustProof of Trust

The general two good 2 piece sets that are available in GLOBAL for her. You acquire a healing bonus and volt damage increase for your main DPS.

While not generally recommended 4 piece option for both sets if you somehow have them available can be done as well but it's much more reasonable than having dual 2 piece sets.

Swamp ShadowSwamp Shadow

For those who are looking for an SR option to go for Sobek's set is always decent even if her primary reason isn't there to do damage as barring what I can argue Echo who's only usable when you are aiming to use her ULT a great deal (higher advancement level), Sobek's one is the only real good one at SR for her. The others are far too conditional to make sense or non applicable for a support so this would be the best for those who need an SR option.