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Oasis Buildings

Engineering Department
Produces Prefab Units required for construction
Magrasea being a virtual world does not mean we can manifest buildings out of nothing. The programs operate with their own set of rules, and we'll need operand materials, Doll engineers, reliable blueprints plus patience to make the construction work.
Max: 3
The Oasis System's core, controls the building level caps in the Oasis
It takes more than raw materials and manpower to build a territory. Most importantly, we must have a control center to oversee the whole picture and ensure that all developments are going according to plan.
Max: 1
Search Terminal
Produces Search Commands required for basic searches
The search terminal can perform carpet searches of Doll Signatures, and establish semi-permanent location beacons in encrypted frequency bands. Nothing is more invigorating than the sight of smoke and human activity in the wilderness, especially for a lost traveler.
Max: 1
DGC Bank
Produces Common Currency DGC
Set up your own bank to become a leader rather than a follower in the economy.
Max: 4
Raises Resource Storage Limit
The more cards you have in your hand, the better prepared you are against future uncertainties.
Max: 2
Trading Post
Improves the quality of goods in Special Supplies - Standard Acquisition Section.
Trade is an important means of expanding an area's influence and supplementing its own lack of resources.
Max: 1
Weather Simulator
Controls the weather and lighting of the Oasis System
Once upon a time we worked to transform nature for survival, but now we work to restore nature in order to survive.
Max: 1
Restores Energizers and increases their storage limit
From stone and wood to individual atoms, we are able to manipulate raw material on a smaller scale while producing end products that are increasingly larger in size. The world today is an abstract Factory, where we process nature and nature processes us.
Max: 1
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