This is a general teambuilding guide for Project Neural Cloud. It does not cover every possible combination of classes that are viable, but these four pictured setups are the most common and overall user-friendly.

General Team Comps

One of Each

This is the one I personally recommend for anyone who wants to progress efficiently and without spending excess keys (stamina). The First-Time rewards available on any newly completed stages, Vulnerability Shop, and Exception Protocol Shop offer a method of maintaining party strength at a consistent level as progress is made through the main story.

Additionally, this party formation benefits in efficiency even further by running Persicaria as the Medic (free 5* through quests) and Croque as the tank (extra fragments are available in Vulnerability shop).

Damage Focus

Similar to the above comp except that rather than running a Specialist, a third DPS Doll is slotted. It is advisable not to stack three of the same class as this will either clutter your backline or frontline depending the class, which can lead to positioning problems such as Warriors not be able to reach an enemy through a choke point, or snipers being clumped together and hit with AoE attacks too often. Mix it up!!

Furthermore, this comp will require additional farming of Advancement materials because of the same class stacking as will any other comp that stacks classes in this list.

Healer Focus

Very safe party formation capable of pushing through certain difficult content, but also have some difficulty in other areas, such as with DPS checks.

The Medic DPS Function set is strong with two Medics within the party and is able to supplement the loss of an extra DPS or Specialist quite well. Although being reliant on a Function Card set for a significant portion damage is not exactly desirable since it is RNG.


Similar to the Healer Focus party formation except that it uses DPS whom are of the same class. This allows for much easier Function Card selection by limiting the potential cards to be chosen from and enables more Dolls to benefit from the same kinds of cards.

Just as the above formations have mentioned, stacking classes does carry the risk (although rare) of encountering positioning issues. Ultimately this is arguably the most stable and consistent party comp that can be run at the start of the game if Professors aren't worried about efficiency and simply want to progress fast and painlessly.

Examples of advanced team compositions:

  • Specialist, Medic, 3 DPS
  • 2x Specialist, 3 DPS
  • 2x Medic, 3 DPS
  • 1x Medic/Specialist, 4 DPS
  • 5x Same Class (Ex: 5x Warrior)

Late game comps for when a tank is no longer as necessary.

There is no single best way to play or clear content! Experiment and discover what works best for you!