Specialty Training is the second menu available once Strategic Overview is unlocked. It is descending tree of passive stat bonuses for the Dolls of each class and is applicable to all content. The more this tree is developed, the stronger Dolls naturally become.

Each column pertains to a specific class of Doll.

Parameter Samples

Parameter Samples are the resource used to upgrade the passive stat nodes within the tree.

How are Parameter Samples gained?

Samples are gained at the end of any stage by simply using the class associated class. This includes any resource farming or event stages too! The more of a class in the party, the more samples gained after finishing a stage.

Because certain nodes require levels taken in a node belonging to a different class in order to unlock, it is recommended that your first party consists of one of each class when you start the game.

Tip to earning more Parameter Samples

There will be times when farming a certain class' Parameter Samples may be desirable in order to progress the Specialty Training tree further.

  • Fill the backline with Dolls of the class you want more Samples for
  • Backline Dolls can be level 1 and are not required to fight to earn Samples
  • During end game, stacking the entire party with 5-8 of the same class allows hyperfocusing on a specific Sample

What stats or nodes should I focus on?

In the early game, it is recommended to prioritize nodes that offer flat stat bonuses, not percentage bonuses (unless it is Critical Rate/Damage and Healing Effectiveness). The reasoning for this is because flat stat bonuses will be more valuable to Dolls in the short term due to their own lower stats as they advance through the early stages of the game where many Function Cards already have percentage-based bonuses.

Three most valuable stats:

  • HP, Hashrate, and Attack

Second priority:

  • Critical Chance, Healing Effectiveness, and Critical Damage

These flat stats will also make Algorithm Sets gained in the future more immediately powerful as many of the popular Set Bonuses tied to them are percentage-based.

Additionally, resource stages do not allow the use of Function Cards, so players clearing one of these stages for the first-time bonus reward will have an easier time if the flat stats are taken in Specialty Training first.

Of course, exceptions always exist and if a percentage stat boost is blocking the way to a great flat stat boost (like the specialist node pictured above blocking flat Medic Hashrate), then it is also recommended to invest what points are needed to unlock the subsequent node.

Players can always fill in missing percentage-based stat nodes later once they begin to transition into mid or late game and Algorithm builds begin to fall into place. The entire stat tree can be filled out completely!

What are the gold boxes?

The gold boxes are a one-time Quartz Sand reward. These boxes still cost Parameter Samples to open up, however, so it is recommended not to do so until later if patience permits.