A Guide to Exception Protocol Advanced

Exception Protocol is a Challenge Mode with good rewards that resets bi-weekly.

High Risk, High Reward!

Doll Selection

Every 2 Weeks the Dolls you get to use get shuffled, so there is always something new to try out, but keep in mind that the Dolls you have raised have a Higher Priority.

Also some Dolls are even viable at lower Rarity.

Example: Strong Dolls like Hatsuchiri or others who have a Specialized Role like Florence.


Synchronizes the available Dolls with your own and changes their Rarity, Stats, Level & Skill Level.


Changes the Rarity of your Dolls who are lower than 3 Stars to 3 and Dolls that are Higher than 4 Stars to 4.

Dolls who are 3-4 Stars won't be affected by this.

Stats & Level

Any Doll lower than Level 35 gets boosted to 35 and any Doll 46 or higher gets lowered to Level 45.

Dolls who are Level 35-45 won't be affected by this.


Your Dolls' existing Skill Level is retained, up to a maximum of Lv. 5 (Higher levels are synced down to Lv. 5).

Only the Ultimate Skill is not affected and will stay the same for all your Dolls.

Dolls that you haven't raised and are lower than 3 Stars will as explained be Synchronized to 3 Stars which means they will have their Ultimate Skill added at Skill Level 1.


Algos? NONE! There is literally nothing to worry about here.

Protocols (Pick your Poison)

Protocols are Debuffs for your Team or Buffs for the Enemy.

You select how high the Difficulty will be and you will also be able to select a lot more Protocols during the run, so select what you think you can beat, discard what you think you can't.


Your Score is affected by pretty much everything you do during your run.

You will get more Points for taking more Negative Protocols, beating High-risk Zones and having a lot of Function Cards in your Inventory, but make sure the run isn't so hard that you can't beat the Final Boss!


Make sure to not buy anything until you gained 250+ Coins, always stay above 250 Coins for maximum interest.

An easy way to get Coins quickly is to sell any Support Functions you get early on.


Function Cards also give Score depending on Rarity (Higher Rarity = more Points). So try to get as many Gold Functions as you can get, but keep prioritizing useful sets.

Keep in mind that you should have at least 3 Support Functions in your hand by the end of the last Layer since they also give Points.

⇡ Lifts: To maximize your Score it is recommended to use all the Lifts you can get.

Lifts let you go to any node that is in the same column as the one you're on.

So keep in mind to check the whole Map at the start of your run and plan how many extra nodes you can visit thanks to Lifts.

⁈ Anomaly Areas:

Anomaly Areas in this game mode give you Coins, more Function Slots and in some cases random Function Cards.

It is recommended to go for as many Function Slots as you can during the first 2 Layers which means to prioritize Anomaly Areas over Elementary Conflict Zones (White) since you don't want to miss out on Points from Harder Conflict Zones.

When it comes to Intermediate Conflict Zones (Pink) vs Anomaly Areas, it is up to you to decide which you want to take, since not every Anomaly Area will give you what you want, so keep that in mind.

Conflict Zones:

For Conflict Zones, try to visit as many Intermediate and Advanced Zones (Purple) as you can.

Obviously if you happen to get a Lift on a Elementary Zone it's not a bad idea to take it!


Aim for 3k to 3.5k+, depending on the Challenge Missions you want to finish.

If you don't go for 3.5k, you'll have to do a few more runs to get to 100 Points.

Challenge Missions

There are a total of 120 Points to gain from Challenge Missions, but you only need 100 to get all Rewards.

Points gained from these Missions range from 5 to 20 Points, some Missions want you to clear the Mode multiple Times, while other just want you to have Score up to 3.5k or higher.


For reaching 100 Points by doing Challenge Missions you can get a total of 1200 Quartz Sand and 3000 Ether Tokens which can be used in the Exception Protocol Shop.

Exception Protocol Shop

What to buy?

All the Neural Fragments you need.

Feel free to Restock the Shop for even more Fragments.


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