Beta Launch

Nalu is a project we've been working on for the past year. Initially announced in January, we've re-built it about three times..and counting. For those unfamiliar, Nalu is our attempt to build a better wiki, with an initial focus on the gaming niche.

It's our first time building a product like this, so we've stumbled along—a constant process of learning and iterating. But we're finally ready to showcase our progress on the Tower of Fantasy Nalu wiki.

Features and Guides

You'll notice that the "wiki" portion of the site is not ready. While the backend and data structure are there, we are still building out the UI and process to crowdsource, collect data, and design pages.

While we are proud of how things look so far, many things are still a work in progress. We hope to continue improving the site while adding new features, so check back for further updates in the future.



WeaponsWeapons SimulacraSimulacra Matrix SetsMatrix Sets RelicsRelics ItemsItems


The Flow Editor

When we built GamePress, it was primarily a "walled garden" experience. We've always wanted to create an open platform, and flow is one of the first steps in that direction.

Flow works synergistically with the wiki portion of the site, allowing you to embed "wiki sections" into your content.

Pasting any collection link turns into the following:

Bai LingBai Ling Chakram of the SeasChakram of the Seas

You can construct tables like this:

SMerylMeryl NemesisNemesis
ACocoritterCocoritter HumaHuma CrowCrow ZeroZero
BTsubasaTsubasa SamirSamir ShiroShiro

Here is what the code looks like:

Tier | Simulacrum
:-- | :--
S |
A |
B |
C |

We'll have a future post explaining all the cool things we have planned for the editor and what it's currently capable of.

Beta Release

If you'd like to try flow, it's open to everyone. Create an account, and navigate here to get started.

That said, it's still very much in its early stages, and we are still figuring out many of the kinks and bugs, so create content with caution.


We hope the Tower of Fantasy community enjoys the site! There are likely bugs we missed, and we're always welcoming feedback. Check out our Discord to let us know and join our little community.

  • Follow our Twitter for future product updates and news.
  • Once we are ready to open-source the codebase, check out our Github.
  • For video content related to Nalu wiki's we currently or plan to support, check out our YouTube and TikTok.