Divine Heresy is Neural Cloud's first major event and with it comes a suite of new content such as new Dolls, new Function Cards, 34 new stages, tons of easily obtainable loot and a gripping new entry to the game's story of considerable length.

Divine Awakening

The event is split into Normal and Hard Modes, each containing 28 stages + 1 additional hard stage. Both modes offer the full story and the full amount of stages. Base rewards are available regardless of difficulty selected, but hard mode offers extra first-time bonus rewards.

Normal is suited to new players and requires clearing 2-15 Cyclopes to unlock. It has a much lower power rating overall with the final node reaching roughly 23,000 power.

Hard Mode is for more experienced players and requires clearing 5-15 Pierides to unlock. Its power rating will begin at 28,000 and reach roughly 44,000. Some of the extra rewards available are Algorithm Boosters and Reconfiguration Generators.

At the end of the event, Copley Sector will become Chapter 6 and is available at all times. Hard Mode will become the default difficulty once this occurs too and the overall rewards will be reduced to what is typically expected from the other sectors.

  • 6-15 is the required stage for unlocking Vuln 5
  • 6-28 is the required stage for Lvl 70 Advancement breakthrough
    These two unlocks only occur upon clearing the Hard Mode version, not the Normal Mode variant. Once this content releases later, players will need to re-clear these two stages if they previously only completed Normal Mode.

Total Clear Rewards

Hard Mode clears will reward both Normal and Hard rewards at the same time.

Basic Rewards (Both Modes)

  • 1,400 Quartz Sand
  • 24 Panakeia Fragments
  • 520 Algorithm Fragments
  • 2 Advanced Algorithm Boosters
  • 14,000 Missing Data
  • 1 Exclusive Profile Border

Hard Mode Rewards

  • 1,450 Quartz Sand (2850 Total)
  • 22 Advanced Algorithm Booster
  • 7 Reconfiguration Generator
  • 1 Exclusive Profile Border

Stage Mechanics

Entropy Liquid

Entropy is a common occurrence in this sector just as it was in Chapter 5, Pierides. Investing in Entropy Blocker in Procedural Efficiency will be a great boon in the form of -30% reduced damage from Entropy Liquid tiles.

Ocean Waves

These ordinary waves occur every 6 seconds and will pass across the entire screen, starting from left to right and returning from the opposite direction.

Every unit on the map will be pushed in the wave's respective direction, stunning them briefly. The waves can be negated by positioning units behind cover or aligning units in such a way that they cannot be pushed.

Ocean waves leave behind sea water for several seconds which have an effect on units as well. This water recedes after 6 seconds, coincidentally when the next wave occurs, so its essentially a permanent fixture on some parts of stages if not blocked by terrain.

If necessary, the push and stun of waves can be prevented by lining up any exposed Dolls. In the example below, the wave coming in from the left won't push and stun Angela, Kuro, or Hubble because of their positioning. However, they will still be affected by the sea water tile.

Entropy Waves

These purple waves will leave behind Entropy Liquid, affecting all units with the same buff/debuffs associated with Entropy as found within Chapter 5. This is a little misleading because rather than being a tile effect that can be clicked and have its tooltip viewed, it's in the form of a stage protocol.

Sources of Entropy are present as neutral units whenever Entropy waves are present. They are responsible for waves occurring and if killed, will prevent them from continuing. Each time a wave is summoned, the Source of Entropy takes a small amount of damage. Battles will usually end before this DoT kills the Source on its own, but it can be helpful in getting rid of it nonetheless.

These units are usually in an inconvenient spot and thus the strategy is generally to play around the waves rather than trying to prevent them, although if the opportunity presents itself, destroying the Source of Entropy may make life easier.

New Function Cards

Deadly Blow

Deadly Blow
Deadly Blow
Deadly Blow
When ally units land a Critical Hit, they deal an additional instance of Physical Damage equal to 10.0% of their Max HP, up to 200.0% of their ATK. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
When any ally units use their Auto Skill, they gain 2 stack(s) of Bloodthirst Sigil and have their Crit Damage increased by 10.0%, up to 5 stacks.

Other [Deadly Blow] Set Functions

Environmental Functions

Tidal Rush
Tidal Rush
Tidal Rush
Skill Level
Waves no longer stun ally units, but speed up their Auto Skill recharge by 5% instead.
Expert Swimmer
Expert Swimmer
Expert Swimmer
Skill Level
10% Damage Reduction for ally units on seawater tiles.
Hydro Manipulation
Hydro Manipulation
Hydro Manipulation
Skill Level
Enemies on seawater are stunned for 1 seconds every 4 seconds.

Ocean Exploration

This is where daily challenge stages can be found. There is only 5 of them, and the harder the stage, the more Missing Data is acquired upon completion.

Outside of these farming stages, the event currency "Missing Data" can be earned anywhere in the game simply by using Keys.

Missing Data

1 Key used = 7 Missing Data, so farming event currency will go hand-in-hand with usual daily play and won't interrupt anyone's dailies or Algorithm farming. Challenge attempts are limited to 2 times per day, but first-clears do not count toward this limit so Stage 5 can be reached day 1, then ran another 2 times.

Challenge Stage Rewards & Power

  1. 300 Data @ 5000 Power
  2. 500 Data @ 8250 Power
  3. 700 Data @ 18500 Power
  4. 900 Data @ 26650 Power
  5. 1000 Data @ 37540 Power

Data Repair

The event shop of Divine Heresy comes in the form of a gacha-style box system. Each Data Disk contains a trove of goodies which can be rolled for. Each roll costs 100 Missing Data, with 20,000 being required to clear an entire box.

It is only necessary to obtain the Advanced Rewards to be able to skip ahead to the next box!

If you have limited currency we recommend clearing the Intermediate Rewards section before moving to the next box as it contains valuable items such as Advanced Search Tickets, Skill Pivots, Furniture Coins, and Quartz Sand. However, those who started the event early, do daily challenges, and use their Keys everyday should be able to clear all 4 boxes.

From Disk 5 onward, all rewards must be obtained before moving onto the next box. At this point, these boxes are infinite and do not contain anything that would warrant refilling keys for specifically. Simply play the game as one normally would and quite a few of these boxes can be cleaned out.

Total Cost

  • Disk 1 - 20,000
  • Disk 2 - 27,000
  • Disk 3 - 33,000
  • Disk 4 - 40,000
  • Disk5+ - 17,000
    Expected generation for Professors who spend their keys diligently, do dailies and challenges every day is around 34,000 Missing Data per week over the course of the 4-week event.

Tower Defense Mini-Game

Stage 6-16 and 6-29 are a bit different. These two stages are presented in the form of a tower defense game with preset units.

If the stage is failed, an option to play a lower difficulty version will present itself.

Before the battle begins, Functions can be bought from the store. Each card cost 5 coins and Dolls cost 50 coins to deploy.

Cards can be sold if needed by clicking the red shopping cart to the right of the Function list.

Dolls can be placed anywhere that isn't denoted by a red crossed out circle and circular mounds are spots that won't block the enemy's movement, but are subsequently safe from direct attack.

6-29 Hard Guide

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