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Protocol Exception Shop

  • Gin's Fragments are available in the Exception Protocol Shop (90 is required to recruit), meaning patient players can get him for free, or use the shop to raise him to 5β˜… sooner.

Designated Neural Acquisition

At the beginning of Project Neural Cloud, there will be 980 Quartz Sand (Freemium Currency) 3β˜… Selector available in the Neural Search (Gacha) tab. This selector has no expiration date.

If players are not in a rush to put their first team together, the general advice for this selector is to simply wait until you have 7 out of the 8 Dolls and use it to gain the missing 8th.

For those who are looking to immediately put together their dream team, this guide may serve to enable a well-informed decision.


Premier healer and buffer. Procs Medic Cards constantly. Allies must stand within her radius to be healed/buffed. Best placed with 2+ ranged DPS because of her 1-2 tile heal/buff range.


Scales very well with both Function Cards and Algorithms early and late game. Difficult to use because of the random movement of her Active Skill. This sometimes causes her to skate right into her death, but more often than not her stealth will save her from this. Applies debuffs passively, so Banxsy is able to proc debuff-related Function Cards constantly. Overall a reliable Specialist DPS.


Extremely powerful Damage Reduction buff out of the box (16% DR per stack, 5x stacks). No Skill Levels necessary as the DR she provides does not increase with Skill Level. Ultimate sacrifices HP of an ally, but provides a huge stat boost. Generally seen in 2 Medic comps because she is only able to heal 1 target at a time. In situations where only 1 Doll is taking a majority of the damage, she may be able to solo heal.



Excellent passive Damage Reduction. Strong CC against melee enemies specifically. Powerful team reposition and Damage Reduction Ultimate. Passive CC and Heal do not work on ranged enemies, but the passive DR does.


Infinite Range. Scales well with most Warrior Function Cards. Both an Operand or Attack build are viable, however she cannot ever reach great heights in either. Can crit via Functions or other means and her top performance is entirely reliant on a Function set that isn't common seen in stages. Pairs extremely well with Nanaka due to the fact that she will never leave Nanaka's side because of her limitless range. High-damage ultimate if using a Hashrate build.

Only if you like them


Early game performance is average and her single-target damage potential is even less appealing. High AoE damage once she is properly built in the late game. Positional awareness is required because of the cone-shaped attacks. There is no shortage of good Sniper Dolls, so this pick isn't particularly valuable. Hubble's banner is available on release, overshadowing Chanzhi in the AoE Sniper role.
Chanzhi has a very strong Arma Inscripta upgrade in the future.


Strong CC in both Passive and Active Skills. Can be a strong asset early-game if paired with 2 Snipers. Most bosses can't be stunned by her, limiting her potential for single-target lockdowns. Ultimate is a blockable skill-shot (both terrain and enemies can block it). Doesn't scale well into late game and is overshadowed entirely by better Warriors like Betty, Chelsea, or Aki.


Procs Medic cards often because his Heals are tied to his Auto-Attack. Strong against DoT damage specifically because of the frequency of his healing, which can crit too. Early performance is lacking because his initial scaling is low, requiring skill levels to keep up with other Medic's healing. Gin scales into late game and potentially has the highest Heal/per second if built right, however, Nanaka is overall a better choice than Gin from the selector.